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Reviews Of The Best Deodorant For Men 2019

Based on tens of thousands of reviews, the best deodorant for men is Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant. It smells fantastic, offers powerful protection for over 24 hours and won’t leave you itchy. In addition, it is well priced competitively with the “big brand” deodorants but has much higher quality ingredients.
Best Overall
Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant For Men
4.9 Star Rating
Best Natural
Underarmed Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick
4.7 Star Rating
Best For Excessive Sweat
Green Tidings Organic All Natural Deodorant
4.7 Star Rating
Best Moisturizing
Dove Men+ Care Deodorant Stick
4.7 Star Rating
Best For Body Odor
Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant
4.7 Star Rating
Best Stick
Speed Stick Men's Deodorant
4.7 Star Rating
Best For Couples
Cira Spa Natural Deodorant for Men
4.5 Star Rating
Best For Stress Sweat
Old Spice Deodorant Red Zone Collection For Men
4.4 Star Rating
Best Large Size
New All Natural Organic Deodorant For Men
4.4 Star Rating
Best Sports Deodorant
Degree Men Dry Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant
4.8 Star Rating

Reviews of The Best Deodorant For Men 2019

With a plethora of products available, selecting the best deodorant for men to buy right now can be tough. It even becomes tougher when they all have scintillating and resplendent fragrances. When you finish digesting the contents of this review, you’ll not hesitate to grab any of the best clean deodorants for men.

Here’s what we think about these deodorants for men.

All-Time Best Deodorant For Men

Best Overall Deodorant for Men

Value - 100%
Affordability - 98%
Fragrance - 100%

The Bali Secrets natural deodorant is undeniably one of the best deodorant for men without antiperspirant. It is encased in an all-white plastic container with green stripes, from where it provides all-day protection.

If fragrances are your thing, you should keep an eye out for it. The fragrance is quite commendable. For a first time user, the feeling of resplendence and comfort is derived from using this deodorant. You might even decide not to use your perfume.

Bali Secrets went the extra mile to obtain Vegan and Cruelty-free certifications for this product. In the knowledge section of this article, we explained what these certifications mean.

The Bali Secrets natural deodorant is devoid of some ingredients such as baking soda, genetically modified organisms, propylene, parabens, glycol etc. to mention just a few. In lieu, what you get are three sweetly named scents although there’s an unscented model available. They are

  1. Delicate Rose
  2. Original Essence
  3. Sandalwood

We tested the Bali Secrets natural deodorants using both black and white cotton t-shirts. There weren’t any sweat spots of any sort on the t-shirts, the fact that we had a sweaty day notwithstanding. Moreover, we didn’t smell as awful as the bacteria in our underarms wanted.

The Bali Secrets natural deodorant will last any daily user for about two to three months.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • The sweet smelling fragrance it comes with.
  • The absence of ingredients such as aluminum and zirconium.
  • The deodorant lasts for about 90 days.


  • The Bali Secrets deodorant offers all-day protection.
  • A 2.4 oz. bottle lasts for up to 90 days.
  • PETA offers Vegan and Cruelty-free certifications.
  • Completely organic ingredients are used.


  • The scent may be strong for some people.

Best Natural Deodorant For Men

Best Natural Deodorant For Men

Value - 100%
Affordability - 94%
Fragrance - 99%

If the Bali Secrets deodorant doesn’t satisfy you, you will definitely love the Underarmed Natural Aluminum deodorant. The Underarmed natural deodorant is specially handmade to keep wetness away from your skin. Its ingredients cannot cause sweat spots to appear – at least that’s what we realized during the cause of our review.

The 2.6 oz. deodorant bottle lasts up to three months with constant usage. This is a clear indication that its pocket-friendly. Aside from that, it is aluminum free and is simply natural.

This Underarmed deodorant contains ingredients such as lavender and therapeutic grade essential oils as they described it. It boasts of all-day freshness. During our review, the deodorant was in action for over 12 hours. It felt new and fresh during that period.

Just like the Bali Secrets deodorant, the Underarmed natural deodorant is aluminum free. Moreover, ingredients like parabens, glycol, phthalates, triclosan, SLS as well as zirconium are absent. Instead of that, you get an ensemble of all-natural ingredients that blocks odors while keeping your armpit smelling good.

It’s important to note that during the first few days of usage, the Underarmed deodorant will first detox your skin. This may likely increase the odor you will experience but after some time, you’ll begin to enjoy yourself.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Keeps sweat spots away from your clothes.
  • All day freshness and underarm dryness.
  • As small as the bottle appears, it lasts very long.


  • The small 2.6 oz. bottle can last for up to 3 months.
  • It gets rid of underarm aluminum deposits by detoxifying the skin there.
  • You’ll fall in love with the lavender fragrance.
  • Ingredients like aluminum and zirconium are absent.
  • It’s as natural as it appears.


  • The detox process can cause worse odors than the initial odor.

Best Men’s Deodorant For Excessive Sweating

Best Men's Deodorant for Excessive Sweating

Value - 99%
Affordability - 96%
Fragrance - 98%

Finding an all organic natural deodorant can be quite tough – the Green Tidings organic deodorant is made for toughness. It’s regarded as one of the best men’s deodorant for excessive sweating. The reviews on Amazon and other top websites can attest to this fact.

The Green Tidings deodorant comes in two different bottle sizes; a 1-ounce bottle and the 2.7-ounce bottle which has become a standard in recent times for many deodorant manufacturers. Moreover, the 1-ounce bottle is used as a tester. You will save costs by buying the test package.

By opting for the stick deodorant, you tame the funk emanating from your underarms. It doesn’t cause discomfort on the skin. Instead, it soothes and softens the skin whilst deodorizing it. Some notable essential natural ingredients used to make the deodorant include tapioca starch, coconut oil, shea butter, candelilla wax etc.

Apart from being aluminum free, the Green Tidings deodorant is SLS free, propylene glycol free, paraben free, soy and corn free to mention a few. Leaping Bunny certified the product Cruelty free. Additionally, the BPA free packaging was labeled using water-based inks. This is a great appeal to the members of the green earth movement.

Unfortunately, the Green Tidings deodorant is available in only lavender scent and an unscented model. We discovered the lavender scented deodorant we used lasted for 24 hours in the course of our review.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Gender neutral lavender scent for every man.
  • Purely organic all natural ingredients.
  • Lasts for 24 hours.
  • Devoid of all unfriendly ingredients like aluminum.


  • All day fresh protection irrespective of what makes you sweat and how much you sweat.
  • Natural ingredients are present in the deodorant.
  • Aluminum, paraben, paraffin etc. are absent from it.
  • The 2.7-ounce bottle lasts up to 8 weeks – a great value for your money.


  • May cause underarm redness and swellings with people who have allergies.

Best Moisturizing Deodorant For Men

Best Moisturizing Deodorant For Men

Value - 97%
Affordability - 95%
Fragrance - 97%

Often referred to as the best dove extra fresh deodorant, the Dove Men+ Care deodorant is simply cool. The Dove Men+ Care deodorant boasts of up to 48 hours of unparalleled freshness and protection from funk. Unfortunately, we didn’t wait for 48 hours during the course of the review. However, we waited for only 24 hours to check it out, and it was still keeping the smell away.

This extra fresh deodorant stick is made with moisturizer technology to soothe the skin. Dove issued a serious warning against using the deodorant on broken skin. Please refrain from using the product if rashes and irritation occur as a result of allergic reactions.

Scent wise, the Dove Men+ Care deodorant is well scented. At least, that’s what our tester thought. Did we mention that the deodorant has a moisturizing technology incorporated into it? This helps keep you refreshed and confident all day long.

The Dove Men+ deodorant isn’t all-natural although it’s devoid of aluminum and the likes. Additionally, its ingredients include propylene glycol, sodium stearate, glycerin, propylene glycol etc. Sweat spots won’t form on your clothes when you use the deodorant – talk about being tough on sweat.

For our review, we got the Extra Fresh bottle. The Dove Men+ deodorant is also available in Fresh Awake, Clean Comfort, and Cool Silver fragrances.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • 48-hour freshness and dryness in your underarms
  • Variety of fragrances to choose from.
  • Moisturizing technology keeps you refreshed and looking resplendent.


  • Great for individuals interested in a non-natural deodorant.
  • Long lasting fragrance and protection for almost 2 days.
  • Sweet smelling fragrance can serve as a cologne.


  • It can cause underarm irritation to some users who are allergic to some of the ingredients. As we mentioned earlier, refrain from using the deodorant for the time being.

Best Deodorant For Body Odor

Best Men's Deodorant for Body Odor

Value - 98%
Affordability - 99%
Fragrance - 96%

We are almost halfway down into our review of the best deodorant for men. For the workaholic man, the Arm & Hammer deodorant is a must have. It boasts of a vast array of natural ingredients eschewing aluminum and parabens. However, the deodorant contains baking soda. Given the fact that it’s all natural, one can only help but wonder how it got such a great fragrance. That’s up to the manufacturer to explain.

Arm & Hammer claim that the deodorant comes with a stain shield. A stain shield simply refers to the ability of a deodorant not to stain clothing. In the course of testing the product, we probably didn’t sweat long enough to see any stains. Also, we didn’t feel any itches or rashes whatsoever as we tested the product.

Aside from that, the Arm & Hammer deodorant offers 24-hour all day protection from the sweaty smell. We can attest to this since we tested it for about 24 hours. Furthermore, it comes in a 2.7 oz. bottle that can last for up to 8 weeks. Arm & Hammer offers the Essentials Natural Deodorant in a pack of 6. This helps save costs for everyone who loves the deodorant.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Skin friendly natural ingredients.
  • The absence of aluminum, parabens and the likes.
  • Can be bought in a pack of 6.


  • Sweet smelling fragrance.
  • Neutralizes odors full time.
  • Doesn’t cause itches nor irritation.
  • Total 24-hours protection.


  • The scent may be stronger for some users.

Best Stick Deodorant For Men

Best Deodorant Stick for Men

Value - 96%
Affordability - 100%
Fragrance - 98%

The Speed Stick men’s deodorant is a deodorant for all men who know and love the quality. It is available as a stick deodorant. Surprisingly, we came across a woman who has used this deodorant for a couple of years. In her words, the Speed Stick Men’s deodorant “has a mild scent and is non-greasy”.

It’s devoid of notable unfriendly ingredients like aluminum. However, it contains a little bit of alcohol – stearyl alcohol. Although we didn’t spend time testing the Speed Stick Men’s deodorant thoroughly, we did notice something in the small time we spent with it. We noticed that it doesn’t really last all day long if you sweat too much. This is in contrast with other deodorants for men on this review list.

As earlier mentioned, the Speed Stick deodorants scent is pretty cool. Its mildness gives away the impression that you’re wearing a cologne. There is no risk of clothing stains. For frequent travelers, the size of the Speed Stick deodorant is what we call the travel size. It fits perfectly into any bag especially if you’re traveling light. Allergic reactions can occur in your underarms. Therefore, you should stop using the product as soon as this occurs.

The Speed Stick Men’s deodorant is available in various styles; musk, regular, active fresh and ocean surf.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Special value twin pack
  • 24 hours freshness and protection from funk
  • The deodorant comes with an applicator guard


  • Total confidence for every user.
  • Offers complete 24-hour protection from smell thus completely giving you comfort and control.
  • 4 different styles to suit your personal taste and preference.


  • May cause irritation and bumps on the underarms.

Best Natural Deodorant For Men and Women

Best Deodorant for Men and Women

Value - 95%
Affordability - 92%
Fragrance - 97%

The Cira Spa natural deodorant for men is a beauty to behold from afar. It’s enclosed in a cool looking blue and white container. In our opinion, it looks better than the Speed Stick deodorant. Additionally, Cira Spa ships their package in a beautifully packaged reusable box. The box contains two deodorants – one 1 oz. travel size deodorant and the standard 2.7 oz. bottle.

Surprisingly, the deodorant is suitable for both men and women. It provides unrivaled protection to both men. Moreover, the scent is suitable for both men and women. This deodorant is apt for couples who intend to grow the bond between them.

The scent is great – it consists of hints of lavender and sage which is light and very pleasant. It’s free from unfriendly chemicals like aluminum, paraben, gluten and propylene glycol etc. instead, it is rich in natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera.

It’s also worth mentioning that the deodorant comes in an environmental friendly tube. This is important as several countries of the world are pushing towards a greener environment.

We didn’t have to reapply the Cira Spa Natural deodorant during our test period. It seriously kept the odor at bay for the whole 24 hours we tested it. That’s an amazingly good record it shares with its counterparts on the list.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Pleasant and mild fragrance for everyone.
  • Contains all natural ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil.
  • Comes in an environmentally friendly beautiful packaging.


  • The scent is pleasant and sweet smelling.
  • Packaging comes with one standard sized deodorant and a travel size.
  • Aesthetically appealing.
  • Consists of lavender and sage.


  • People with hard and sensitive skins need to apply it with more pressure which can hurt them.

Best Men’s Deodorant For Stress Sweat

Best Men's Deodorant for Stress Sweat

Value - 95%
Affordability - 93%
Fragrance - 96%

One great way to bring some nice old spice into your life is by using the Old Spice deodorant, literally. Out of all the best deodorant for men we have reviewed so far, this is the only one with as many as 7 scents – and they have a great scent.

This aqua reef style consists of lime and cypress scents which suppresses any sweaty odor. Like most of its counterparts, it lasts all day long. This guarantees 24 hours of protection not minding if you’re going to the gym, climbing a small mountain in Northern Nigeria and running a marathon on the same day.

The seven scents of the Old Spice deodorants pack a lot of confidence in them. You definitely wouldn’t need to be smelling your underarms every now and then to know if you stink. Just raise your hands in the air and have some great fun all day long! The available scents include aqua reef red zone (as tested), fresh, original, pure sport, pure sport red zone, swagger, and swagger red zone.

With the Old Spice deodorant, you need not be afraid of sweat stains and white lines on your shirts. Besides, the stick is simply easy to apply as it rubs in smoothly to the skin and refuses to let go of those strong smells oozing from your underarms.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • 7 sweet smelling styles to suit everyone’s preferences.
  • 24-hours protection with each application
  • Consists of lime and cypress scents suitable for everyone.


  • A wide variety of scent styles to choose from.
  • A suitable scent for sports enthusiasts who spend time out in the gym or anywhere doing one sports activity or the other.
  • Easy to apply
  • Keeps sweat spots and stains away from your shirts.


  • Can cause redness and rashes on the underarms.

Best Large Size Men’s Deodorant

Best Large Sized Men's Deodorant

Value - 95%
Affordability - 91%
Fragrance - 97%

Although being one of the most-pricey deodorants for men, the New Natural deodorant for men deserves a spot on our review list. We are concerned with the quality of the products we’re reviewing rather than their price.

The deodorant is aesthetically appealing, to say the least. Its black container kind of drew us close to it as we shopped for the best deodorant for men we wanted to review. According to the packaging, the deodorant consists of 100% organic compounds such as zinc, citric acid and water and a couple of other ingredients. On the other hand, it is devoid of parabens, preservatives and other ingredients that make deodorants unfriendly.

The deodorant is touted in many quarters to last longer than the usual 8 weeks or 3 months. This is because of its larger size. You would have to find a suitable travel companion as the New Deodorant isn’t available in a travel size. Apparently, the producers aren’t aware of the importance of offering their deodorant in a travel size.

Scent wise, we wouldn’t say we were too pleased with the scent. It was generally mild and pleasant although we expected something better. Aside from that, we give the deodorant a thumbs up for not staining our clothes. No sweat spots and stains on our clothes for the 24 hours we applied the deodorant.

Lest we forget, the deodorant offers all-day protection – and that’s guaranteed. The deodorant is advertised as being safe for diabetic people. While this might be true, we strongly advise that diabetic patients run the deodorant with their doctor to know if it is suitable for them or not.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Long lasting all day protection
  • A sweet scent for everyone to savor.
  • All organic ingredients devoid of any preservatives.
  • Safe for diabetic patients.


  • Provides lasting protection for up to 24 hours.
  • A bigger bottle that can last for up to 4 months.
  • Aesthetically appealing in a black container.


  • No travel size bottle available.

Best Sports Deodorant For Men

Best Sports Deodorant for Men

Value - 99%
Affordability - 97%
Fragrance - 97%

Last but definitely not the least on our review of the best deodorant for men is the Degree Men’s Antiperspirant Deodorant. We decided to include it because we know some people love the deodorant and antiperspirant combo. There’s no better antiperspirant deodorant in the market than this – according to our research.

The Degree Men deodorant is available in 4 different styles; sport, cool rush, extreme blast and cool comfort. To be frank with you, the fragrance was absolutely soothing and reeks of cool manly confidence. We’re quite certain most of the gentlemen reading this review will love the deodorant antiperspirant combo. While the deodorant works to keep the smell away, the antiperspirant works to keep the sweat away too. This is unmatched comfort and confidence no matter where you go.

As expected, the deodorant provided us with all day 24-hours protection and reduced underarm wetness. This is irrespective of the fact that we had a handful of sweaty activities lined up for the day in the gym.

The scents consist of hints of lemon, musk, and bergamot all of which are sweetly invigorating. Furthermore, the 2.7 oz. bottle can last a heavy user for up to 8 weeks or more. This is more than enough time to enjoy the coolness and freshness of your deodorant.

Unfortunately, the deodorant contains aluminum and stearyl alcohol which most of us believe is unfriendly. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that it is a good deodorant for individuals who aren’t affected by the chemical constituents.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Antiperspirant and deodorant combo for maximum protection.
  • Available in 4 styles to suit your taste.
  • All day protection


  • 24-hours daily protection for every gentleman.
  • The deodorant and antiperspirant combination does an amazing job of keeping both smell and sweat away from your underarms.
  • Cool scents which consist of lemon, bergamot, and musk.


  • The aluminum ingredient may not be suitable for some users.

Men’s Deodorant Comparison Chart

Elizabeth Taylor once said, “Success is a great deodorant that takes away all your past smells”. Apparently, she knew how effective deodorants were in combating smells and odors. Most men have at one time or the other felt “self-conscious” in the company of beautiful girls. Such self-consciousness emanates from the fact that they don’t smell great and thus they aren’t relaxed. In the course of our review, we realized the best deodorant for men is inexpensive yet offers unmatched confidence.

There’s a certain feeling of confidence that engulfs anyone that smells great. You certainly do not have to care about what other people think when you walk past them.

You will no doubt keep the sweat spots away from your underarm when you are done reading this review. We can flippantly say that with ease. You know why? It’s because we have selected some of the best fresh deodorant for men. We also included an antiperspirant too.

It’s important to mention at this point that there’s a difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant.

Deodorant Vs Antiperspirant: What’s the difference?

Very often, we come across several products advertised as “antiperspirant deodorant”. Is there really a difference between both or can they be used interchangeably?

Truth be told, both deodorants and antiperspirants have similar purposes. They are involved in combats against bacteria that cause odors when you sweat. However, according to Nivea, antiperspirants take the fight to another level by trying to reduce the amount you sweat.

Josh Clark also explained the functions of antiperspirants and deodorants in his piece on How Stuff Works. Josh’s explanation is quite similar to the one offered by Nivea. According to Josh, Antiperspirants have a working principle that is the exact opposite of deodorants. He went further to explain that deodorants contain some ingredients that inhibit the presence of bacteria that causes smells in the underarms.

On the other hand, the antiperspirants keep you from sweating by temporarily obstructing the sweat pores in your armpit using ingredients like aluminum and zirconium. When you see a product labeled antiperspirant deodorant, this is a strong indication that it does both jobs. You can also combat body odor with one of the best anti-bacterial soaps as well.

Deodorants come in various forms (antiperspirants aren’t left out either). It’s available as

  1. Deodorant Sprays: Deodorant sprays come in metallic cans with spray buttons. They offer a convenient way of spraying cool fragrance on the underarms.
  2. Roll-on Deodorant: Roll-on deodorants have rolling balls which roll the liquid deodorant onto the skin of your underarms.
  3. A Deodorant Stick: A deodorant stick is a wax-like solid deodorant. A thin film layer forms over the area where the deodorant is applied. This goes a long way in keeping such places dry.

Factors To Consider When Shopping For The Best Deodorant For Men

We’d quickly like to take a look at some very important things to note when buying men’s deodorants. It’s very important you know these things as they’ll guide you in making the right choice for yourself.

Know Your Body: Do you have allergies or a sensitive skin?

First and foremost, you ought to know your body. It is essential to know whether to pick a deodorant, an antiperspirant or an antiperspirant deodorant. We mentioned the difference between an antiperspirant and a deodorant at the beginning of our review. Having known the differences between both, you can easily decide which one your body needs.

Knowing your body is also important because of allergies. Various best-selling deodorants for men contain a variety of ingredients including natural ingredients and chemicals like aluminum. These ingredients may cause skin irritation and even skin rashes. Furthermore, most deodorant manufacturers specify that those who have sensitive or broken skin shouldn’t use their products. Do check well before you buy one.

Men who are sensitive to some fragrances should always buy the fragrance-free products. As a matter of fact, many manufacturers always have an unscented version of their best-selling deodorants. The Bali Secrets Natural deodorant for men is a typical example.

Are you traveling?

The deodorants for men sold in the US are designed to meet the TSA standards for carry-on liquids and gels. However, if you’re traveling abroad and you want to stick with your brand, consider getting a smaller bottle that will meet the regulations of the country you’re traveling to.

Check The Ingredients

The ingredients of a deodorant are what makes it work to keep your body odor free. Ingredients include the natural ones such as tapioca starch, coconut oil, shea butter, candelilla wax etc. On the other hand, the chemical ingredients for non-natural products include parabens, aluminum, zirconium, alcohol, triclosan etc.

These ingredients can cause reactions as we earlier stated. Please check with your doctors to see if you can use some types of products if you have allergies.


Having the best deodorant for men is pretty much a great idea until you try applying the deodorant. You might end up throwing your deodorant away if the application is always a herculean task.

There’s no gainsaying that deodorants come in various forms – we all know that – it’s only important we mention that everyone should go for what suits their needs. Deodorants that don’t function well may ruin your shirts. Stop using deodorants that leave white trails on your dark shirts or yellow stains on your white shirts.

How long are you protected?

We came across products designed to last for up to 48 hours – the Dove Men+ Care Stick Deodorant is one of them. Ordinarily, no one wears a deodorant for more than 24 hours give or take. We need to take a shower for crying out loud!

Although the Dove Men+ Care stick deodorant lasted for 24 hours, the same cannot be said about other deodorant brands. Always ask questions about the duration of protection offered by the deodorants you intend to buy.


It is impossible to know the scent of the deodorant you are buying when shopping online. However, you can get an idea of how many people think it smells nice. Check the reviews on the product you are about to buy to know if it has an amazing scent or not. On the other hand, if you have no need for scents and just want to mask the sweat, simply get an unscented deodorant.


Know the value a deodorant is going to offer you before you buy. This is important because a lot of sellers can hoodwink you into buying a pack of 6 deodorant for a cheap price. Before you say jack, you realize you just bought trash and apparently, you bought from a shop that doesn’t refund money after payment.

A deodorant’s value lies in how well it makes you comfortable irrespective of its price. Go for value, not quantity.

How We Tested

We want to assure you that we’ve selected the best products out there.

Ten of our team members tested the products individually for 24 hours. Then, they gave us feedback on what they thought about the deodorants.  We saw the individual differences between each product as well as the flaws each of the products had.

We’d also like to mention that we looked out for consumer indicators which helped us to narrow down our list to just ten deodorants. Don’t feel bad if your favorite deodorant didn’t make it to our list – just know that it wasn’t our favorite, literally.

What Causes Body Odor In Armpits?

This is certainly one of the many questions on the lips of a lot of people. There’s no denying that the reason why we buy perfumes, body sprays, antiperspirants, and deodorants is because we want to take care of that odor once and for all. It is, therefore, important to know what causes body odor in armpits.

There are a handful of medical conditions that cause underarm smells. Certainly, only a few people have such medical conditions. These conditions include an over-reactive thyroid gland, kidney or liver dysfunctions, diabetes and even genetic disorders.

Aside from that, body odor in the armpit is primarily caused when sweat from the apocrine glands of your underarms reacts with bacteria. At least, that’s how Thompson Tee described it on his medical blog. These apocrine glands are also found in the groin areas.

Dr. Robert also shared a list of things that cause armpit odor in his article. They include the following…

Poor Hygienic Habits

This is often the chief culprit that is responsible for funk in the underarm. However, most people who keep themselves clean can still experience odors in their armpits. This is as a result of the presence of excess bacteria which is present in the underarms.

Eating a lot of spicy foods

Eating too much of food that contains spices such as garlic, onions, and curries can cause armpit odors.


There is a slight chance that too much stress can increase the amount of sweat the body produces. This is evident in the fact that whenever we are under stress, we tend to sweat a lot. The sweating encourages the presence of underarm bacteria which in turn induces armpit odor.

Taking some drug prescriptions

Some strong types of antibiotics are known to cause body odor and armpit odors. The excess drug in the body system is excreted in the urine and sweat. This causes the body to reek of stinking sweat which is certainly strong enough to make your cat murmur.

How To Control Underarm Odor

Underarm odor is a major turn off for both men and women. There are a lot of things you can do to either control or get rid of body underarm odor. In this section of this article, we will share with you some of the most recommended tips for controlling underarm odor.

  1. Use a deodorant or an antiperspirant as the case may be. The two products are effective in keeping underarm odor down and keeping the sweat away respectively.
  2. Use natural products such as apple cider vinegar. This can be applied to the underarms using cotton balls twice a day – in the morning and at night after bathing. Regular use of this impedes the accumulation of bacteria in the underarm regions. Thus, the bacteria that would have caused armpit odor is will be absent.
  3. Apply essential oils like lavender oil or tea tree oil. These oils have antimicrobial properties that help in minimizing the size of the pores in your underarms. Additionally, it fights off any stubborn bacteria that decides to stay put in your underarms.
  4. Try lemon juice. Applying lemon juice in your underarms can also help keep the odor away from you by fighting the bacteria. This is a natural remedy everyone to should try.

All these aforementioned natural ways of controlling underarm odor are great tips you should try. However, it is often advisable to go for all-natural deodorants which don’t have any additives. It’s a great substitute for the natural ingredients listed above. Besides, the deodorants and antiperspirants have all been seriously tested. This reduces risks of reactions.

In Conclusion

Our review of the best deodorant for men highlighted the differences between deodorants and antiperspirants. Additionally, we also pointed out which deodorants were good as well as their flaws. The deodorant you buy is up to you. We’d like to remind you to go for quality and not every 6-in-1 pack that claims to help you save money but won’t do a great job.

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