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Reviews of the Best Binders of 2019

After hours of research and testing, the best binder is the Case-it PAD-40.  Most of the buyers absolutely fell in love with this Zipper Binder because of its sleek, spacious and professional design, sturdiness, lightweight feature, and portability. Professionals or students can also use it for interviews, school work, or presentation.

Best Overall
Case-it Executive Zippered Padfolio
4.9 Star Rating
Best For College
Avery Durable View Binder
4.8 Star Rating
Best For Presentations
Lion Black Cover Display Book Binder
4.7 Star Rating
Best Binder Planner
Five Star Flex Note Binder
4.6 Star Rating
Best Budget Binder
Samsill 3 Ring Durable View Binders
4.6 Star Rating
Best Zipper Binder
Padfolio Briefcase Luggage Binder
4.5 Star Rating
Best For Students
The Case-it D-146 Mighty Zip
4.3 Star Rating
Best 3-Ring Binder
Amazon Basics Three-Ring Binder
4.2 Star Rating
Best For Wedding
Bloom Daily Planners Fashion Binder
4 Star Rating
Best DVD Storage Binder
AmazonBasics Nylon CD/DVD Binder
4 Star Rating

Reviews of Best Binders 2019

In this review, we will take a look at 10 best binders in 2019 that will give you great value for your money and a detailed guide in choosing the best binder. This review aims to provide you with information and features of the best binders to find the one that will best suit your needs.

Here’s what we think about these Binders.

Best Overall Binder

Best Overall Binder

Value - 100%
Affordability- 98%
Ease of use- 98%
Durability - 98%

The Case-it PAD-40 is our best binder because it is a great way to maintain your documents. This padfolio which comes in a sleek and professional finish features a professional leatherette exterior, zips shut, and has a handle for easy mobility.

The Perfect binder for interviews, college conference and students the interior of this binder has pen and pencil holders, business card and ID slots, an elastic accessory pocket, protective document pockets, and a letter size writing pad. The interior of the Case-it PAD-40 also features a removable 1″ 3-ring binder so that you can store paper, folders, and other needs.

With this binder, you are sure to look professional and well organized. You will definitely stand out from the crowd when you are invited for a job interview, presentation, college group meetings or business meetings.

The binder comes with a handle which is ideal for a professional, artist, student or someone who knows the value of smartness.

The premium binder is a compact and modern way to ensure that, you never waste time to wait for an appointment or get caught without a pen and paper when an idea strikes.

Your mind would be relaxed when it comes to knowing that you’re prepared and have everything needed for whatever your day throws your way. When your documents and items are organized, you have more energy for what matters.

Great for interviews, this binder is also refillable which is really awesome. They’re light and can save your life if you have a hectic schedule. They’re perfect for interviews or taking quick notes. Definitely a must-have!

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Sleek zippered padfolio with a removable 1 inch 3-ring binder
  • Elastic accessory and protective document pockets
  • Handle for easy transportation
  • Includes letter size writing pad
  • Pen and pencil holders; business card and ID slots


  • Great for interviews. Has a very professional look to it.
  • It is reasonably priced and good zipper quality.
  • This padfolio is perfect for any type of school report or work
  • lightweight to travel with


  • The pockets are quite small.

Best Binder for College

Value - 100%
Affordability- 94%
Ease of use- 95%
Durability - 95%

The Avery Durable View Binder is the best you will find out there for college students because of its stronger design which is long lasting and resistant to tear.

Its edge and top are pliable to resist splitting. It also has a profound texture film which offers a smoother finish and a linen pattern for high-quality look and feel.

The binder has a broader front and back binder panels with fully covered dividers and a sheet protector for your documents.

It also comes with slant rings which also have high page capacity as compared to the same size of round rings.

For a college student who needs where to store their papers, they need this binder which can also be considered as a heavy duty binder which could hold hundreds of pages of papers, documents and other contents.

Its ring can hold up to 500 sheets of standard paper, and the Duraedge and Durahinge attached to it also ensure that the binder would last longer for you.

There are also several colors to choose from which includes black, white, dark blue, blue, green or pink. Each binder has a transparent front cover, which allows you to insert a sheet to personalize or label your binder for better organization.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Comes with a durahinge design that’s stronger, lasts longer and resists tearing, and dura edge that makes the sides and tops more pliable to withstand splitting.
  • Has a textured film offers a smoother finish and features a linen pattern for high-quality look and feel
  • Contains slant rings which can hold up to 500 sheets
  • Full front and back binder panels thoroughly cover standard dividers and sheet protectors.


  • Efficient for holding a massive amount of documents
  • Perfect for College
  • Comes with different colors for those who are in love with a particular shade.


  • Scarce and takes time to ship.

Best Binder for Presentations

Best Binder for Presentations

Value - 97%
Affordability - 90%
Ease of use - 95%
Durability - 95%

Do you intend going to a presentation and you are thinking of a binder to carry your papers with? Then the Lion black cover presentation display book binder would be your best binder for a presentation.

It has a 24 clear inside pocket with 48 views and a full sized pocket on the front cover which allows for customizing the binder.

This stylish portfolio presentation binder will help in keeping your documents and other contents safe for some years.

The binder has high durability and doesn’t transfer toner from photocopies to the poly. This is one of the things that made it come up in the best for presentation.

These sheet protectors are acid-free, so photos and artwork can be safely stored in it. The binder can also be used in numerous ways.

It is also recommended for the artist to store their painting.

The binder also has a portable flipchart easel built with a durable framework and finished with an attractive border with durable rings which have an open and close mechanism that can hold up to 20 refill pockets which in essence are 80 views.

Its stylish presentation makes for easy setup and light; portable feature makes it ideal for a tabletop presentation idea.

It can also be used by students to store report cards without punching holes in the report cards.

It is also perfect for scrapbookers to display their projects or keep craft paper. It can also be used in the kitchen to store recipes to avoid the loss or tear of the recipe.

Contained in the binder is a slide out spine label for easy titling. Musicians will also love to organize their music sheets in its durable plastic protector.

The binder can perform numerous functions to include, as a classification folder, project folder, music sheet folder, etc. Its lightweight and slim design makes this binder easy to carry about. Made from recyclable polypropylene.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • It has 24 pockets for keeping your documents safe
  • Letter size
  • Contains a clear view pocket on the front cover.
  • Comes with a full-length slide out spine label included


  • Recyclable polypropylene material
  • Makes for a great photo art display


  • Quite bulky and pricey.

Best Binder Planner

Best Binder Planner

Value - 95%
Affordability - 90%
Ease of use - 95%
Durability - 95%

If you have a special goal you want to keep in mind, write down or  you are simply a goal-oriented person, this Five Star Flex NoteBinder is right for you.

This best binder planner has a durable outer cover with a classic look, thick paper, inner pockets and note protectors which are durable and can make your binder last longer. you can also store any loose papers you may have.

The Five Star Flex NoteBinder can be said to be the next generation in binder technology. It acts as a notebook as well as a binder giving both flexible and carrying convenience making it the best binder planner to create and jot down your plans.

Its clear view allows you to design it the way you want it to be. It also comes with a tech lock fixture while it rings close and opens quickly for easy convenience.

The binder was made to help you get your daily tasks done and also live a more organized, well-rounded life.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • It can act as a notebook as well as a binder.
  • Equipped with plastic front and back covers fold over to lie flat for easy note-taking, just like a notebook.


  • Can last all year.
  • You get a notebook and a binder in one.
  • Equipped with a tech lock rings which won’t break or misalign, the rings open easily to add and remove paper and dividers, just like a binder.


  • The binder is too pricey and awkward to use for other things.

Best Budget Binder

Best Budget Binder

Value - 95%
Affordability - 98%
Ease of use- 92%
Durability- 94%

The best budget-friendly and cheap binder is the Samsill 3 Ring Durable View Binders; this is because this Value pack contains 8 binders to help tackle school, office or home projects.

Apart from being used as a medium for storing documents, a binder is also a companion of employees and employers, students and even homeowners who want to stay organized in dispensing their activities for the day.

The Samsill 3 ring durable View durable presentation binder features a transparent overlay on the front, back and spine making it flexible which makes you look in control of situations in your presentations, office reports, class projects etc.

The cover is made from a bright white polypropylene which has increased strength and durability as compared to PVC.

Polypropylene is a non-sticky material which prevents the transfer of ink or the lifting of the copied documents when placed inside.

With its three and a half inch round rings having double boosters, the binder can hold up to 125 sheets with ease. Rings are also mounted on the back lid which allows pages to lay flat and prevent wear and tear of the documents.

These things added together add a sleek and clean appearance with the no-rivet spine. Also includes two clear inside horizontal pockets for additional storage and organization of loose documents and non-punched papers.

Each pocket in the binder provides enough space to hold notes, photos, business cards, or full-size pages that will be punched later.

What makes this binder to show as the best budget-friendly binder is its multi-pack which is perfect for school, office or even managing your documents at home.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Value pack contains eight binders to help tackle school, office or home projects
  • The binder is made of durable polypropylene and thick chipboard for durability and frequent daily use
  • Clear overlay with the non-glare finish on the front, back, and spine allows for complete customization of the binder with ease
  • Made with PVC free and non-stick polypropylene.


  • The binders are acid-free and will not transfer ink or lift copy from material inserted in cover or placed inside
  • Can hold up to 125 sheets, allows pages to lay flat, reduce wear on punched pages and provide a clean looking spine.


  • Only comes in one color hue which is white.

Best Zipper Binder

Best Zipper Binder

Value - 94%
Affordability - 90%
Ease of use - 85%
Durability - 93%

This zipper binder is the perfect solution for storing and storing your documents and other contents for our businesses, schools big homes.

The smart handle briefcase makes it look professional on the go and you can hide it, when not in use.

The Padfolio Briefcase Luggage Binder would be a perfect replacement or a suitable binder for the regular briefcase or messenger bag.

The portfolio also features a three-ring binder and includes various storage areas with the zippered pockets having file dividers which are perfect for keeping your documents very organized.

With its professional and stylish appearance, it is excellent and can go with any outfit as well as be used for job interviews; law firm lawyers work, meeting, in school and our daily activities or travel.

The binder is manufactured with a high quality material, and it is built to accommodate the students or professionals that have lots of documents and to carry throughout the day.

Card slots are also included in this binder which could be used to hold your business cards, drivers license, and credit cards. Also included are, calculator slot, pen slot, notepad as well as retractable handles.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Contains a free retractable pen having the manufacturer brand.
  • Have a zippered main compartment with a smart handle.
  • Large outer open pocket, three-ring binder, one zippered pocket includes five file dividers, 1 document holder, four card slots, 1 ID holder, one calculator, one notepad and 1 pen slot.


  • The Smart handles briefcase makes it convenient and professional on the go, can be hidden when not using it.
  • Can hold all your miscellaneous items.
  • The binder allows it’s users to slide documents in out effortlessly and quickly with no use of opening the folder.


  • It’s big and bulky.

Best Binder for Students

Best Binder for Students

Value - 92%
Affordability - 85%
Ease of use - 93%
Durability- 95%

The Case-it D-146 Mighty Zip is the best binder for school because of its large capacity designed to hold everything you need throughout your day in school.

This binder is efficiently designed as a three-ring organizer with a five-color expandable file folder. It also features a zipper which makes for an easy assess with a carry handle and a shoulder strap for comfortable carriage and mobility.

Its zipper is unique because of its angled design which makes it easier and quicker to zip up when it is parked up with documents and other materials.

Like all cases, its binder uses a Kraft board instead of a PE board to give its binders a firm and stuff look that won’t warp or buckle during usage.

Looking at its spine, it is designed to make the binder lay flat when opened making for a more straightforward extraction or putting of papers and can be used to take notes.

The binder is ideal for offering unique organizational tools for school or home use.

Mesh pockets can be found inside which could be used to hold all school or professional supplies.

Its angled zipper would also ensure that the binder won’t get in the way while you are trying to write and it is created with durability in mind which means that, the binder would last at least for an entire school year.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Has a three-ring zipper binder with a 3-inch rings
  • Comes with a five-color tabbed expandable file
  • Gusseted zipper allows access to inside file.
  • It has a built-in handle and shoulder strap.
  • Unique angled zipper design for easy opening and closing.


  • Patented Angled Zipper Keeps Gusset Out of the Way When Writing
  • Guaranteed to Last the School Year
  • Handle and Shoulder Strap for Easy Carrying


  • Pricey.

Best 3-Ring Binder

Value - 92%
Affordability - 93%
Ease of use - 90%
Durability - 92%

Looking for an ideal, light and suitable everyday-use three-ring binder? The Amazon Basics three-ring binder would be your best bet.

With this binder, you can be able to organize projects and presentation easily.

The binder can hold 8-1/2-by-11-inch documents and comes in handy for anything of your activities which can be from work or school reports to home or party-planning projects.

To ensure enhanced strength and durability, the binder is made from PVC free polypropylene, plus it’s made from 75% post-consumer waste and is 100% recyclable.

Thanks to the binder’s transparent plastic overlay with its covers and spine which can be effortlessly customized. You only need to create a tailor-made cover page, back page, and spine title, inserting them into the cover overlays and spine sleeve. The binder’s customizable design helps ensure quick, easy identification and a clean, professional appearance or a uniquely artistic look with a creative edge.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • 3-ring binder with round 1-inch rings that hold up to 175 sheets of paper, All binder size refer to ring size, not binder spine.
  • Designed for light, everyday use; ideal for organizing projects, presentations, and more.
  • Customized front/back cover and spine thanks to a transparent plastic overlay
  • Holds 8-1/2-by-11-inch documents; 2 interior pockets for storing loose sheets.


  • Can be used in presentations or project organization.
  • The binder can contain numerous sheets or documents at a go.
  • The binder is 100% recyclable


  • Bulky.

Best Wedding Planner Binder

Best Wedding Planner Binder

Value - 92%
Affordability - 92%
Ease of use- 92%
Durability - 90%

This Bloom Daily Planners Fashion Binder which is from bloom daily planners is a colorful binder  perfect for wedding planners which comes with a fashionable floral design on the outside and a pink hue on the inside.

Its cover is made of durable material and sturdy material which will offer premium protection and durability to your documents.

You only need to fill the rings in the binder with your choice of papers and dividers which will help keep your documents organized. The one-inch ring can hold up to 175 pages of a standard sized paper.

This binder does not come with a pocket; instead, you will have to purchase a pencil pouch or a pocket insert if you need it.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • The binder is Fun, Fashionable and Chic
  • The laminated material included makes it durable and sturdy.
  • Beautiful Floral Design Binder
  • Contrasting Pink Color on Inside of Binder
  • Metal Ring Inside


  • The binder is sturdy and does not tear easily
  • Perfect for wedding planners
  • Can contain 175 sheets of paper
  • The many color hues it comes in makes it fashionable.


  • Does not contain pockets for materials like pens or credit cards.

Best DVD Storage Binder

Best DVD Storage Binder

Value - 90%
Affordability - 85%
Ease of use- 90%
Durability- 90%

The problem with having a large collection of DVDs is that they can look hideous and don’t go well with a lot of interior designs but this is where the AmazonBasics CD / DVD binder comes in to make life simpler.

This best Dvd storage binder provides protection and storage for large collections of DVDs, CDs and other discs.

With a tough exterior that zips up to enclose your discs, the binder is perfect for taking your music and films with you wherever you go.

It stores 400 Discs and can blend in on the bookshelf easily.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • The binder is made of high quality Nylon and PU material
  • Holds 400 CD/DVD Discs


  • High quality
  • Great Space saver
  • Large capacity to Hold up to 400 CD or DVD discs
  • Compact enough for travel.
  • Protects your CD or DVD discs


  • A bit costly.

Binders Comparison Chart

Whether you’re a student, homemaker or a professional, the right binder can come in handy for keeping your documents organized and well sorted.

A good binder is something most of us take for granted. We think “I just need something to hold my papers” and go on stuffing whatever binder we’ve got lying around, until that one fateful day where the rings give out and stop closing properly.

Even with the increased amount of electronic and cloud storage, binders are still useful for carrying papers and physical copies of documents. A binder is like your PC which holds all your relevant documents, so you have to be conscious of what you are buying as you were when purchasing a PC; choose the binder you wish to use according to your needs and not according to size or capacity of the binder.

This best binders list in this review covers a variety of the best binders with different functionalities. In this review, you’ll find zipper binders that keep documents well protected, binders for presentation, classroom supplies, books and those that make a good impression in a professional setting, as well as value binders that are cheap and budget friendly.

What is the Best Binder?

The best binders are those that go an extra mile in their durability, fashion, function and even the ruggedness of the binder.

The main criteria to look for in a binder is its durability and physical strength

Binders with a secure edge not only make for the durability and sturdiness of such binder, but it also adds a sense of fashion to the interior of the binder when opened.

These binders help you to meticulously keep your documents safe and for easy access to the documents whenever you need it. This is coupled with the fact that, there would be the absence of wrinkles on the documents.

This secure and sturdy binders also last long during usage and does not split making it a great binder to own.

What are binders?

Binders are materials which are used to put multiple files together for safe keeping.

Apart from it being used as a safe, binders can be used for various purposes; it can be used to put together your documents for a presentation, interview or projects. Binders can also be used in schools and by music writers who deal or write with a sheet of paper.

There are also various types of binders according to their specific purpose; there are the commonly vinyl or the customizable poly binders and the turned edged binders.

Most of these binders are also made in the form of a hardback with three pieces of the board holding it together with sheets of vinyl or leather covering it.

Manufacturers make binders for the comfort and ease of their customers. Some binders are produced having a pocket outside for cover pages while some have pockets inside which would be used for loose papers, business cards, pen, compact discs and more.

Despite the type of binder you are buying, they all perform the same function, which is to keep your contents safe, untouched and unwrinkled.

Types of Binders

Binders can be classified according to the materials in which they are made from. They include;

Paper Stock binders

The paper stock binders usually come in a laminated form; this is done for extra durability and protection from wear and tear. Paper binder would be your best bet because it can happen in different color schemes for different kinds of people.

Vinyl binders

binders made from Vinyl are the perfect material that can last for a very long time. Binders made from this material can be easily cleaned and are resistant to scratches and weathering. They may also come in the form of view binders, which will allow you to place a custom cover sheet behind a transparent plastic sheet on the front.

Poly Material Binder

poly material binders are made with materials which make for a material which is flexible, durable which is also resistant to dirt and water. This is the best choice for outdoor or industrial use.

Leather binder

Binders made from leather materials not only last for a long time but look professional and high confidence.

Turned Edge Binder

This type of binder is like a book, having a paperback cover wrapped in a paper with high quality.

Selecting the Right Binding Technology

When you get your documents or contents, you will need to know what the outlook would look like before getting a binder that suits that outlook.

You can choose from several binding methods available each having its pros and construction depending on the type of document and the purpose which the document would serve. This would let you know the kind of binder to go for whether for durability, appearance and or cost.

Some bindings require that only the margins would be broad enough to contain the holes which are the case for a three-ring binder of spiral binding.

The binding you choose will depend on the intended objective of the document and the amount you are willing to spend.

Your choice of a binding technology also affects the design and layout of the project you are presenting.

An excellent binding technology which would benefit you significantly is the three-ring binding, which is suitable for some manuals where you may be required to do page revisions from time to time on a periodic basis.

This binding technique allows for doing it your self because you would be required to remove and fix your documents as needed when there is need to do so.

The documents to be used on a three-ring binder requires it to have a full margin at the document’s sides where holes would be located.

There is also some binding technique such as the comb, coil or binding method of which some notebooks, notepads, cookbooks, and calendars often use these types of binding.

Factors to Consider Before You Buy a Binder

You may wish to shop online or at a store for your binder. Sometimes, you may be overwhelmed by the vast quantity of binders you will see online or in physical shops.

There are numerous binders with different sizes that you may not know the binder to choose. This could be regarding the materials in which the binder is made and what rings to choose. This could be a challenging task for most people.

As an individual, you will need to understand the different pros and cons of any product you wish to buy, whether it is a binder material or any other type of equipment you need and the best type of such material that would fulfill your needs.

There are three things to consider in buying a suitable binder;

  1. Size
  2. Rings
  3. Materials


The size matters a lot while trying to get yourself a suitable binder. It is necessary to get the binder that can fit or contain your papers or documents.

Getting the right size of binder will give your papers and documents the proper protection it needs.

You don’t need something smaller because it won’t fit your papers or documents nor do you want something more significant. Though it would protect your document but would be too awkward while handling it.

Getting the right size of the binder is also necessary if you have made up your mind to use sheet protectors, technically you can also store letter sized document in a legal size binder because the binder can contain them.

However, you will not necessarily find letter sized sheet protectors that will fit into the legal size binder.

In essence, you must have the right size binder for your documents.


People who enjoy using binders always make one common mistake, which is thinking that the capacity of the binder is based on its width. This is quite wrong.

The best way to get the actual binder size is to look at the binder’s ring size.

Apart from these, it is also necessary to look at the ring type, the sizes of these rings measure differently.

There are two types of rings that can be found in the market which are the O-rings and the D- rings. For the O-ring, the right size is in the diameter of the ring.

The wider the diameter of a ring, the more documents it can contain. The D-day ring has to do with the height of the straight part of the ring. The longer it is, the more the binder can hold.

Another two noticeable difference between these two binder types is that the O-rings are mounted on the spine of the binder while the D- the ring is mounted on the back which will ensure that the paper lies flat.


It is also essential to check on the stuff the binder is made of before getting one. Different manufacturer today, use a different type of materials in manufacturing their binders which are done to satisfy their consumers.

Different materials used to make various binders are specially made for the different purpose.

In most cases, different binders found today are mostly made with some plastic like polypropylene and some cardboard. Some manufacturers use cardboard as the core of the binder and cover it with PVC plastic finishing the rest of their manufacturing with other similar plastics. These types of binders are usually the more durable type and will last you longer. They are used everywhere from offices, to homes, or at school.

For fancier looks, there are binders with covers that have a print on them. They are also made with a cardboard core, but instead of covering it with plastic, it is covered with paper. Sometimes these binders are made with just cardboard, without the paper cover. The binders manufactured this way are not as durable and will often split open at the bottom in the short run because it lacks the extra covering provided by the paper cover if it had one.

How to Choose the Right Binder

In doubt of the type of binder to choose? The first step in selecting a suitable binder for yourself is to have the style or choice to decide from and what you wish to use the binder for.

For proposals, presentations, and reports, you will go for the presentation binders. For your frequently used documents, you have to go for reference blinders and for materials that are infrequently accessed such as annual records, you have to go for storage binders.

Also, while choosing a ring binder, want, you also have to decide according to the capacity, style, and durability of the binder type needed

The round ring is for a standard size; the ring is mounted on the spine of the binder. The slant rings hold more documents than the round ring; the rings are attached to the back cover making pages lie flat while the binder is open.

Where to get the best binders

Are you thinking of getting binders and don’t know where to get them? Binders can be found in any store selling office equipment around you. You can also get it in online stores in the internet

Such online stores include Amazon and many other stores that sell office equipment among their wares.

In Conclusion

I hope this research of the best binders will be able to help you navigate among the numerous binder products and figure out exactly which binder works the best for you! With this review It is easier to get the right binder for your document when going for a presentation, job interview or projects.

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