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Reviews Of The Best Whitening Toothpaste of 2019

Having reviewed the best selling whitening toothpastes online, we can safely conclude that although most of these toothpaste brands have almost similar features, however, the level of satisfaction differs depending on the brand. The best whitening toothpaste is Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste. This is based on our reviews and it has worked out for a good number of people because of its fluoride-free, gluten and cruelty-free factors with natural based ingredients. This explains why it is one of the most preferred toothpaste by customers.

Best Overall
Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Toothpaste
4.9 Star Rating
Best For Sensitive Teeth
Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste
4.7 Star Rating
Best For Heavy Stains
Crest Pro-Health HD Toothpaste
4.7 Star Rating
Best Natural
Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste
4.6 Star Rating
Best Organic
Always Bright Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
4.6 Star Rating
Best Professional
Supersmile Whitening Toothpaste
4.6 Star Rating
Fastest Whitening
Colgate Optic White Express Toothpaste
4.5 Star Rating
Best For Bad Breath
Rembrandt Deeply White + Peroxide Whitening Toothpaste
4.4 Star Rating
Best For Kids
Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste
4.2 Star Rating
Best Budget
Aquafresh White and Shine Toothpaste
4 Star Rating

Reviews Of The Best Whitening Toothpaste 2019

Read our reviews of the best whitening toothpastes if you want to save some time and money as the market can be filled with products that might disappoint you and doesn’t work. We have taken the time to research, review and rank the 10 best whitening toothpaste that will we are confident will perform an amazing job of getting you that holly-wood ready smile.

In this article, we have compiled the top 10 best whitening toothpastes available online that are the very best in 2019

Here’s what we think about these whitening toothpastes .

Best Overall Whitening Toothpaste

Best Overall Whitening Toothpaste

Value - 100%
Affordability - 98%
Taste - 98%

One of the main causes of yellow and stained teeth is the buildup of plaque on the surface of the teeth. While a lot of teeth whitening toothpastes focus on removing the stains, very few of them look at plaque build-up as an important issue to be dealt with unlike Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste. This whitening toothpaste tackles the issue of plaque very effectively, completely removing the plaque from the surface of the teeth to ensure that there is no future build up. This provides the teeth with wholesome protection.

Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste brightens your teeth using natural ingredients such as zinc citrate gotten from zinc and xylitol obtained from birch trees or corn. These ingredients combine with other natural ingredients to formulate the best formula to take your teeth to a whole new level of natural and safe teeth whitening. It has a natural flavor which makes you enjoy every brushing moment.

The main feature this toothpaste is that it is fluoride free which is good as many people don’t like fluoride. The highly advanced Tom’s of Maine whitening toothpaste uses clinically proven ingredients that are all natural and whitens the teeth effectively. Another remarkable feature about this toothpaste is that it is completely cruelty-free making sure that no animals are harmed in the testing of their products.

Devoid of any artificial preservatives or ingredients, If you’re looking for 100% natural yet cost-effective teeth whitening formula, then Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride-Free whitening toothpaste is the perfect choice for you.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Natural extracts
  • Fluoride-free formula
  • No artificial sweeteners, dyes or flavors
  • Gluten and cruelty-free
  • Halal and kosher certified
  • Comes in different flavors


  • No artificial flavoring agents or sweeteners
  • Leaves your mouth with a clean taste
  • Has a Pleasant flavor
  • Help to control tartar on the teeth
  • Fluoride-free toothpaste


  • Not readily available in the market only on online shopping.

Best Whitening Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Best Whitening Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Value - 100%
Affordability - 94%
Taste - 95%

Do you know that the tooth enamel is the hardest part of the body? However, the enamel can be softened easily by acids.  Dentists have reported a rising dental health concern due to changes in modern diets: “acid erosion.” This can affect even teeth without cavities. Acids in everyday food, like wine, orange and juice, can dissolve minerals from our teeth, softening the enamel surface which easily wears away. As the enamel becomes thinner, the tooth becomes visibly less white, weaker and sensitive. This makes it difficult for people with sensitive teeth and cavities to eat anything.

Sensodyne ProNamel Gentle Whitening toothpaste is formulated to protect against acid erosion and to remove stains.  It is made specifically for those who have extremely sensitive teeth and hence cannot use normal toothpaste.

Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste not only works gently to provide you with white teeth but also helps to re-harden the enamel. Besides, brushing your teeth twice daily using this Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste works great in protecting it from effects of acid erosion. The toothpaste contains fluoride which is vital in protecting the cavity.

Although a bit pricey compared to other toothpastes, it’s worth it if you have sensitive teeth!

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Strengthens and re-hardens weakened enamel
  • Fluoride for cavity protection
  • Gently brings whiteness back to your teeth
  • Protects the enamel effectively
  • Ideal results with twice a day usage


  • Great product for those with sensitive teeth
  • Protects against cavity and acid erosion
  • Whitens the teeth effectively
  • No irritation to the gums and not abrasive
  • Popular brand, therefore, all its products are available almost everywhere
  • Removes stains on the surface of the teeth


  • A bit pricey
  • Contains fluoride which might not be ideal for some people.

Best Whitening Toothpaste for Heavy Stains

Best Whitening Toothpaste for Heavy Stains

Value - 97%
Affordability - 95%
Taste - 97%

Crest Pro-Health HD is top brand toothpaste containing an innovative patented enamel ingredient that is formulated to provide maximum oral care by deep cleaning of teeth safely and providing advanced whitening which you hardly get in the regular toothpaste. It also has been proven to remove up to 80% of surface stains which is great for people struggling with excessive teeth stains due to wine, tea and coffee drinking, age, and other causes

A whitening toothpaste for excessive tooth stains, it comes with a daily-two-step system comprising of a whitening gel for better results, this whitening toothpaste cleans the teeth, reduces signs of Gingivitis, fights cavities, and removes all stains to make your teeth look bright in just 3 weeks by up to 50%. The tooth whitening set promises to deliver six times better results as compared to normal toothpaste. Crest Pro-Health HD also refreshes your breath and removes plaque gradually. This set contains a purifying cleanser and a perfecting gel containing hydrogen peroxide and stannous fluoride which is good for maintaining overall dental health. The price of this tooth whitening set is high, but you get a toothpaste and whitening gel in one set.

Easy to use and with a good quantity, improve your self-confidence using the Crest Pro-Health HD toothpaste which is useful for removing excessive tooth stains. If you are consistent, you will notice the whitening effect immediately. Also, if have teeth stains or discoloration, you will begin to see them disappear.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Professional 2-in-one teeth whitening set with effective results
  • Effective chemical formula
  • Helps to protect teeth enamel and provides strength


  • Comes in a set of toothpaste and whitening gel which work mutually to deliver six times better results.
  • Whitens your teeth effectively and faster
  • Fights signs of Gingivitis and helps remove plaque
  • Stannous fluoride maintains overall oral health and prevents cavities
  • Tastes good with a mild fragrance for fresh breath
  • A famous brand known for teeth whitening that can be found easily


  • A bit pricey compared to other toothpastes
  • Some mild oral discomfort initially after use has been reported by users.

Best Natural Whitening Toothpaste

Best Natural Whitening Toothpaste

Value - 95%
Affordability - 98%
Taste - 95%

If you are looking for the best whitening toothpaste with all natural ingredients, then the Opalescence whitening toothpaste will be perfect for you.  With a fresh and invigorating vanilla mint fragrance, this all natural ingredients come in a tube which is lightweight and easy to squeeze.

The Opalescence whitening toothpaste is an amazing paste that helps remove stains on tooth surface making them dazzling white and fights cavities to maintain and improve your oral health. It has a soothing formula which has mild abrasion particles which do not harm the enamel even after continuous use.

Opalescence is a popular tooth whitening brand which people trust.  This particular whitening product is their natural alternative to teeth whitening toothpaste. This toothpaste is totally natural and does not cause any side effects to the user. This toothpaste is highly recommended to those who have sensitive teeth; it has a cool vanilla mint flavor that makes brushing teeth an enjoyable experience plus you can experience a refreshing breath and thus add more confidence to your communication.

It weighs 4.6 ounces.

You can see visible results after 2 weeks of usage, using this toothpaste twice a day. The gentle formula does not give overnight results, but if you use it regularly for a few weeks, you can get rid of the stains caused by tea, coffee, wine etc. The tube contains good quantity, and the price of this toothpaste is affordable.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Whitens teeth in 2 shades within 4 weeks
  • Reduces gingivitis
  • Anti-stain formula
  • Cool vanilla mint flavor
  • Maximum enamel protection


  • This toothpaste is completely natural
  • Has an effective natural whitening power
  • Fights cavities and sensitive gums
  • It has a wonderful fresh taste
  • Can whiten sensitive tooth
  • Mild abrasion formula does not harm the enamel of the teeth.


  • The mint flavor of the toothpaste is too strong for some people.
  • Does not provide overnight results.

Best Organic Whitening Toothpaste

Best Organic Whitening Toothpaste

Value - 90%
Affordability - 94%
Taste - 95%

If you are looking for the best organic whitening toothpaste, then the Always Bright Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste will be perfect for you.  This organic toothpaste naturally whitens your teeth and prevents them from cavities. It does not contain any toxins or harsh chemicals which can damage your teeth or wear down the enamel. It gently removes tartar and plaque deposition plus it protects the gums to give you an overall healthier and brighter teeth and gums.

The main ingredients of the toothpaste include organic bamboo charcoal, mint, and aqua. These ingredients combined with other ingredients work together cleaning and removing teeth stains without compromising on the enamel of the teeth or the sensitivity of the gums. Charcoal as a natural ingredient is becoming more popular as a very effective and long-lasting solution for whitening stained teeth.

Charcoal has no known side effects plus it produces desired results in very little time. This particular teeth-whitening toothpaste has activated charcoal that comes in the fresh orange flavor that can last all day long

This organic toothpaste allows you to enjoy a fresh minty breath that is important in improving your confidence. Plus, it is impressive when it comes to fighting dental plaque, oral inflammation, bleeding gums among other dental diseases. Apart from that, the stain remover manages to remove stains from the surface of the teeth and then polishes the teeth to bring out the clear and white shade from them.

The price of this toothpaste is affordable, and the quantity lasts for 3-4 months if used twice daily.

Get maximum value for your money and keep your teeth whitened using this highly recommended toothpaste by dentist across the board.

Enjoy sparkling teeth and get maximum value for your money and keep your teeth whitened using this highly recommended toothpaste by dentist across the board. Having made using bamboo, charcoal and other natural ingredients, Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste is 100% safe and natural.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • 100% organic and natural.
  • Made using bamboo, charcoal and other natural ingredients,
  • Highly recommended toothpaste by dentists


  • An Organic formula containing mint, organic bamboo charcoal, and other safe, natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Fantastic tooth whitening power that cleans the teeth gently.
  • Has a nice orange flavor that keeps your mouth fresh all day
  • Protects the gums without irritating.
  • Very affordable


  • Does not whiten the teeth quickly.
  • Some people may not like the minty flavor in their toothpaste.
  • Quite small quantity of toothpaste in a single tube.

Best Professional Whitening Toothpaste

Best Professional Whitening Toothpaste

Value - 94%
Affordability - 90%
Taste - 90%

With professional accelerators, the Supersmile whitening toothpaste is a professional teeth-whitening toothpaste that works to remove stains on your teeth, under and on top of your enamel, which are gotten from teeth staining elements. This toothpaste is also able to prevent the build-up of plaque that could lead to tooth decay and gum diseases

With five awesome flavors to choose from, this professional whitening toothpaste removes mild to normal stains without aggravating tooth sensitivity. With the promise to give you 6 shades whiter teeth, it gently removes the biofilm which gets stained due to certain foods and habits and also remineralizes the enamel of the teeth.

The professional whitening formula is safe to use on dental caps, veneers and  dentures. By gently scrubbing the teeth surface and cleaning the gums, it also stops the build-up of plaque by up to 10 times and removes tartar. Consistent use of this professional toothpaste decreases tooth sensitivity as it works to restore damaged tooth enamel.

This Supersmile toothpaste also works well against offensive mouth odor and bad breath with its professional accelerators removing not only teeth stains but also preventing further staining. The quantity of the toothpaste is adequate and could last long although the price is very high compared to other teeth whitening products because of its professional whitening formula.

Using this teeth-whitening toothpaste, you can be assured of a very safe way to whiten and restore your teeth caps, bonding, and denture after 2-3 uses using a professional tooth whitening method.

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Main Features

  • Professional teeth whitening toothpaste
  • Uses professional accelerators to remove teeth stains
  • Decreases tooth sensitivity
  • Inhibits the build-up of plaque


  • The quantity of the tube is very adequate.
  • Contains professional whitening accelerators to give you whiter teeth.
  • It repairs the enamel providing relief from sensitivity.
  • Inhibits plaque build-up and removes tartar efficiently.


  • It does not have a very good taste
  • The price is quite high as compared to other brands

Fastest Whitening Toothpaste

Fastest Whitening Toothpaste

Value - 92%
Affordability - 90%
Taste - 90%

Looking for an instant whitening toothpaste? Then the Colgate Optic White Express Toothpaste got you covered.

With different sizes to choose from, this instant whitening toothpaste from Colgate claims to whiten the teeth in just three days. The Colgate brand is known for its oral hygiene products and has a huge customer base that trusts its products completely.

This Colgate Optic range is made explicitly for teeth whitening and contains double the whitening agents as compared to regular whitening toothpaste plus it is safe for daily use. The toothpaste uses Hydrogen peroxide as the number one ingredient which is highly recommended for providing the teeth with a whiter shade and also contains fluoride to help protect against cavities and tooth decay.

This Colgate toothpaste contains an advanced formula with the power to whiten your teeth in just three days working wonders on teeth stains and discoloration caused by unhealthy food habits and lifestyle choices.

The Optic White toothpaste has a pleasant taste, and it leaves you with a fresh breath, it comes in an easy-to-use tube which is travel-friendly and has a thick consistency. It is advisable to use this toothpaste for 4 weeks to get optimum results. The toothpaste quantity is good, and the price of this toothpaste is a little high compared to other toothpastes.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Has a nice Taste
  • Whitens teeth effectively in 2 weeks’ time
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Colgate is a trusted, reputable brand in oral care.
  • Contains double the amount of whitening agents to provide instant results
  • It is very safe for daily use
  • It does not cause any excessive sensitivity to the teeth.
  • It does not irritate the gums.
  • Contains Anti-cavity fluoride formula
  • Travel-friendly packaging with adequate quantity
  • Gluten free



  • The price of the toothpaste is high.
  • It may be unsuitable for some people whose teeth are extremely sensitive to hydrogen peroxide..

Best Whitening Toothpaste for Bad Breath

Best Whitening Toothpaste for Bad Breath

Value - 90%
Affordability - 90%
Taste - 90%

Recommended by many dentists, the Rembrandt Deeply White + Peroxide Whitening Toothpaste is considered by many to be the best when it comes to getting an effective whitening toothpaste to control bad breath. It uses the power of gentle peroxide to brighten enamel while it also contains ingredients that help keep decay and tartar at bay while it dramatically freshens your breath.

This peroxide toothpaste contains rapid release active dental peroxide which effectively whitens the teeth and toughens the enamel while preventing further staining. It prevents cavities with the gentle formula which is soft on the teeth but tough on the teeth discoloration and stains. It not only reduces surface stains but also works on deep stains to gently remove them giving you whiter teeth.

With regular use, you will notice a difference although it can be a little strong on sensitive teeth. It has a light fragrance mint which not only kills bad bacteria but also gives you fresher breath. The quantity of this toothpaste is less and can finish quickly with regular use. This product is also a bit pricey compared to other brands.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • The toothpaste has a foamy texture
  • Controls bad breath effectively.
  • Whitens the teeth gradually


  • Active peroxide maintains the whiteness of the teeth. And removes deep stains
  • Its fresh fragrance of mint kills bacteria and reduces bad breath.
  • Has a foamy texture which cleans the teeth and the gums effectively.



  • The quantity is much lesser compared to other toothpastes.
  • It is a little strong on sensitive teeth.
  • The price of this toothpaste is high.

Best Whitening Toothpaste for Kids

Best Whitening Toothpaste for Kids

Value - 85%
Affordability - 90%
Taste- 90%

An excellent whitening toothpaste for kids, Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste helps to keep the teeth and gums strong and healthy by fighting germs. It also helps against gingivitis, plaque, tartar build-up and cavities. This toothpaste will also rid you off of bad breath giving you freshness that lasts for a long time. With every brush, you can feel the cleanness of your breath.

Another plus point of this teeth whitening toothpaste is that it does not cause any tooth sensitivity.

This is the best toothpaste that you can purchase for your kids as it is gentle and perfect for tooth health so this toothpaste can be easily used daily. It also has a sweet taste and is approved by all national health services and FDA.

The toothpaste product makes use of fluoride to bring the very bring the best out of your kid’s teeth. This toothpaste formula is completely healthy as it contains no harmful chemicals or anything that can have a bad influence on your kid’s teeth.

This toothpaste brings natural whitening to your children’s teeth which you will notice even after few days of using it. Colgate products are known for its high-quality oral care products sure to give your kids superior breath.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Awesome for kids
  • Effective protection against teeth stains
  • Fight germs for 12 hours and prevent stain build-up
  • Smooth whitening of teeth
  • Healthy for oral health care
  • Active fluoride with a great minty flavor


  • Colgate is a trusted brand
  • Has a great taste
  • Works on your kid’s tooth surface gently
  • Whitens teeth
  • Achieve value for money


  • Price is a bit overboard.

Best Whitening Toothpaste on a Budget

Best Budget Whitening Toothpaste

Value - 70%
Affordability - 99%
Taste - 80%

Last but definitely not the least on our review of the best whitening toothpaste is the AquaFresh White and Shine Toothpaste.

If you are searching for a way you can whiten your teeth on a budget, then you should probably consider the AquaFresh White and Shine Toothpaste. This gel toothpaste not only makes your teeth whiter but also makes them sparkly too

This toothpaste is a fantastic option for those on a budget and aren’t as concerned with decay protection, but want whiter teeth with the brightest smile possible. It’s an excellent option for keeping your breath fresh and your mouth clean to boot. The toothpaste has micro buffing particles that whiten your teeth making your smile brighter and more attractive.

The main ingredient in the whitening toothpaste is the 0.15 percent sodium, which helps in deeper cleaning and the control of the whitening process. This works together with the micro buffing particles to wash away imperfections, leaving you with a clean tooth

The AquaFresh gel toothpaste delivers positive results after some time with consistent usage. And although it doesn’t offer general oral protection, the Aqua Fresh White and Shine is great when it comes to brighter smiles with whiter teeth. It also has a good quantity size in a single tube.

View Main Features / Pros & Cons

Main Features

  • Delivers whiter teeth with a brighter smile
  • Contains safe ingredients
  • Fluoride toothpaste


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • It uses safe ingredients
  • The absence of tooth sensitivity
  • Gives a fresh, crispy breath.



  • Doesn’t provide an instant whitening solution
  • Some people don’t like fluoride in their toothpaste

Whitening Toothpaste Comparison Chart

“A bright smile always gets you noticed.”

A dazzling white smile is always an important feature in your appearance and very important in daily life communication. A badly stained tooth reduces the confidence we have in ourselves, preventing us from smiling brightly and confidently to others. This hampers our interaction with others, constantly thinking we are going to be mocked every time we open our mouth to talk. No one wants to feel awful about their smile. It is one of the first things that people notice about your appearance!

A yellow tooth might be caused by the frequent exposure to tooth darkening substances such as red wine, tea, soft drinks, or smoking which can be embarrassing.  Sometimes we tend to ignore this part of our dental hygiene until we are either constantly embarrassed or a serious issue concerning our teeth comes up forcing us to pay attention to our dental health. Teeth Whitening is a necessary step, but we often overlook it until the issue has deteriorated.

In the past, teeth whitening were not only time-consuming but expensive and could be painful and uncomfortable but with the recent innovation in the dental industry, there are many products to whiten our teeth making life easier, and better to get your confidence back!

There are so many reputable tooth whitening brands that have been around for some time now. These pastes are extremely easy to use and consume very little time. Whitening toothpaste are available in different variations; the ones that are natural and herbal based using ingredients such as bamboo and charcoal, and the ones that use chemical-based solutions like hydrogen peroxide. Both types of whitening toothpaste are effective, promising to give positive results in few days to few week’s time.

Quality whitening toothpaste makes you smile brightly with confidence, and the best part is that you don’t have to make appointments and visit your dentist over such issues which could also take up your time. They are also effective in preventing other teeth diseases as well.

However, finding good whitening toothpaste is not an easy one and can be quite confusing as there are many types of toothpaste available in the supermarket and stores promising to deliver excellent results by removing teeth discolorations and stains, but only a few make true to that claim. To resolve such problems, it is important to get the right toothpaste that can whiten your teeth, giving you fresh breath.

The Difference Between Regular Toothpaste And Whitening Toothpaste

Regular toothpaste is a made up of both detergents and abrasive materials that work simultaneously to clean teeth. The cleansing agents in toothpaste wash away bacteria and food that remain on the teeth and in the mouth after sleeping, eating or drinking. The abrasives in toothpaste also clean the teeth by loosening the plaque that builds up with daily activity. It works great when used with the best mouthwash available.

Whitening toothpaste is made up of some additional chemicals or compounds that work on the surface of teeth to remove stains that have built up over time. While they have the same cleaning strength as the regular toothpastes, there is also a bleaching agent added in the formula to boost its performance.  As the abrasives gently scour the teeth, the bleaching agent work below the surface of the tooth eliminating surface stains and leaving your teeth whiter.

Factors To Consider In Choosing The Best Whitening Toothpaste

There are a few factors to consider when shopping for the best whitening toothpaste to suit your needs. While not everyone will have the same results, not every toothpaste is great for every individual.  There are two well-known ways for teeth whitening products to work. This can be attributed to a variety of products, such as toothpastes, dental procedures or stripes.

The first common whitening method uses different abrasives methods to remove teeth stains left by food, coffee, wine, cigarettes, and anything else.  The second method is when a high concentrated bleaching formula is used to change the color of teeth.

Here are some basics to look for when shopping for the best whitening toothpaste:


The bleaching agent in your toothpaste is one factor that may result in different levels of whitening and comfort. If you are looking for a fast whitening solution, then you need to opt-in for products with the bleaching effect. There several bleaching agents such as Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide.  It is not advisable to use bleach if you are allergic to peroxide. Be sure to Consult with your dentist first!

ADA Approval

It is necessary to check for ADA (American Dental Association) approval for any dental product that you are purchasing in the United States. The American Dental Association exists to keep oral health manufacturers in check and provide accountability and. This approval is necessary to indicate a legitimate product.

Enamel Protection

Make sure to read the label and ensure that enamel protection is mentioned somewhere on the whitening toothpaste. This ensures that the correct substances are present to protect your enamel. Below is a list of active ingredients that you need to understand before buying any whitening product.


The level of abrasiveness regulates the whitening ability of the toothpaste. A Higher abrasive level will deliver better and faster results compared to a lower level. Most whitening toothpaste has some degree of abrasiveness since they are needed to scrub off teeth stains. Also, choosing an extremely abrasive product could be harmful.


What Do I Need To Know About Teeth Whitening?

Tooth sensitivity is a major issue, and every person has a different level of sensitivity. Even the best whitening toothpaste can make your teeth briefly sensitive if your tolerance to these chemicals is low. Some toothpastes have ingredients to lessen this effect, although this may only partially relieve the discomfort.

It also is necessary to know that the chemicals and compounds found in the best whitening toothpaste are very strong so you must take special care to avoid getting this product in your eyes, nose or even swallowing it. While there might not be a serious cause for concern if you swallow it, hydrogen peroxide can cause vomiting and nausea if consumed in high amounts.

Why do teeth stain or turn yellow?

There are so many reasons and factors that contribute to the teeth staining or changing color over time.  One of the main reasons for this is the consumption of acidic food products and harmful bad habits such as smoking which affect the enamel of the teeth.  Some of the common culprits are wine, tea, oranges, grapefruit, coffee and soda. All of these break down the protective covering of your enamel, leaving the tooth surface porous.

Discoloration can happen quickly once the tooth is porous with particles of bacteria and food substances clinging to the tooth.  While the best whitening toothpaste can take care of this with prolonged use –it is advisable to avoid acidic foods where practicable for best results. Another factor which contributes to tooth discoloration is the ageing process.

As we age, our teeth structure changes which can cause the enamel under the surface to darken. The best whitening toothpaste will help in this process, but sometimes to restore the teeth to their previous level of whiteness, a more invasive measure

Do Whitening Toothpaste work?

Yes, whitening toothpastes have been proven to be effective in removing teeth stains and discolorations making your teeth whiter with time. They work by removing the stains from your teeth’s surface caused as a result of the regular use of wine, tea, cigarette, coffee and any teeth discoloration factor.

You also need to make sure that these affordable whitening toothpastes do not contain any harmful ingredients that may damage your enamel.

Are whitening toothpastes safe to use?

Whitening Toothpastes which contain mild abrasive and non-bleaching agents to remove teeth stains are totally safe to use and will not damage the teeth even if used daily. However, be careful of using strong formulas which tend to scratch the enamel to polish the teeth as they can damage the teeth in the process.  It is always better and safer to consult your dentist before selecting a whitening toothpaste.

Which is the best whitening toothpaste?

These days using the best whitening toothpaste can have a profound effect on your appearance and smile. Although how well the whitening toothpaste will work has a lot to do with the state of your teeth. So before choosing and using the best whitening toothpaste, it is advisable to visit the dentist to give your tooth a good wash. Once they are all smooth, polished and clean, then it is time to start using whitening toothpaste to improve them.

There are different types of toothpaste, and they work for different kinds of people and lifestyles, so it might be necessary to sample a few to see what works best for you, but ensure that you use the toothpaste for at least 3 months before changing if necessary, that way you can evaluate its effectiveness.

Another thing that might hamper your success is if you don’t cut back on your lifestyle, bad habits or consumption of acidic foods. You may consider getting them bleached by a dentist, and then using whitening toothpaste for maintenance.

Importance of Using The Best Whitening Toothpaste

Our dental health is an important aspect of our total health management and thus needs regular maintenance. Many factors negatively affect our oral health, and one of them is our lifestyle or bad habits. You can learn a lot about a person’s dental hygiene just by the color of the teeth. Therefore it is necessary to have a having a good whitening toothpaste.

With the advancements in the dental industry, many high-quality whitening toothpastes can help to whiten one’s teeth. There are also so many options to choose from ranging from chemical solutions based, to herbal, organic and natural. Some advantages of using good whitening toothpaste are:

  • It gives a fresh and clean appearance giving that much-needed boost of self-confidence.
  • Self-consciousness is now a thing of the past as you can have conversations with people without any inhibitions.
  • A clean and white tooth is good for one’s overall dental hygiene
  • Teeth whitening, when combined with other preventive measures, can lead to healthy and good looking teeth for a long time avoiding toothaches and pains

Who Will Benefit From This List

This list has been tailored to connect with the average consumer’s needs. We have reviewed the 10 best whitening toothpastes that are affordable by the common man.  We aim to help everyday working people to make the right choice of whitening toothpaste without having to play risks with their teeth plus help to save everyone a few dollars.

Tips To Consider

  1. To check the formula of the toothpaste, rub it between your fingers to test the abrasiveness of the toothpaste. Ensure to choose a mildly abrasive formula to protect the enamel of your teeth.
  2. If you have a worn-out enamel, Do not use a whitening toothpaste as this can cause permanent damage to your teeth. Always consult your dentist first
  3. Buy toothpaste which contain a mild amount of peroxide to prevent any side-effects of bleaching and to get the best of tooth whitening
  4. If you want the long-lasting whitening effects, cut down on wine, coffee,  tea,  and tobacco, as they stain the teeth significantly
  5. Make sure that you brush your teeth for a few minutes twice a day to get the best from your toothpaste
  6. Check the Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA) index to know the abrasiveness of the formula.  Always choose a toothpaste with RDA lesser than 200 as they are preferable.
  7. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide work well together in whitening the teeth well so buy products that have these two ingredients present in your toothpaste.
  8. Use mouthwash together with whitening toothpaste to get fantastic results.
  9. You can save some money by buying multiple packs of toothpastes as most brands offer discounts on bigger packs.

What To Avoid

Avoid any toothpaste that contains sodium lauryl sulfate since this can irritate the gums and aggravate canker sores if you happen to be suffering from them. You should also be wary of using whitening toothpaste if you have cavities that need treatment or have gum problems as the chemicals in whitening toothpaste can cause unpredictable reactions to a mouth. Also when choosing a whitening toothpaste, it is advisable to consult your dentist first.

In Conclusion

It is no longer necessary to worry about tooth stains and discolorations as getting a brilliant smile is becoming easier by the day, and you do not even have to break your bank account to achieve a better appearance.

Teeth whitening has been made easy with all the whitening toothpastes available today. Its easier whiten the teeth nowadays because all one has to do is brush their teeth with the best whitening toothpaste and get the desired results in no time. The availability of multiple toothpaste options is excellent for consumers who are always on the hunt for new and innovative ways to whiten their teeth.

Teeth whitening toothpaste helps you enhance your smile and communicate confidently with others. These 10 teeth whitening toothpastes are the best for the year. They give you cleaner and whiter teeth in just a few days by removing all external stains on the teeth without damaging the enamel of the teeth or enhancing the sensitivity.

These products are also obtainable online. Keep in mind that dentists should also recommend the toothpaste you choose.

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Ann Johnson

Ann Johnson

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